The Confidential Computing Consortium and Opaque Systems announce inaugural Confidential Computing Summit to advance demand for confidential computing

Confidential Computing Summit 2023

Premier sponsors include Anjuna, Arm, Edgeless Systems, Microsoft, VMware, Fortanix and More, with the Confidential Computing Consortium as Co-organizer.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) and Opaque Systems, the pioneers of collaborative analytics and AI for Confidential Computing, today announced the inaugural Confidential Computing Summit, to be held in San Francisco on June 29, 2023. In addition to the CCC, Platinum and premier sponsors of the inaugural event include Microsoft, VMware, Arm, Anjuna, Edgeless Systems and Fortanix. 

With data privacy regulations becoming more stringent, securing confidential and sensitive data is an urgent priority for organizations globally. The Everest Group forecasts that the Confidential Computing market will reach a $54B market opportunity by 2026. The Confidential Computing Summit comes at a pivotal moment to help educate, expose and accelerate organizational initiatives around Confidential Computing including unveiling solutions and the latest innovation across the ecosystem of solutions from hardware providers, cloud providers, software platform providers and more.

The Confidential Computing Summit will bring together a community of innovators, organizational executives, regulators, business leaders, managers, security experts, data scientists, data analysts, AI/ machine learning practitioners, data privacy experts, and researchers. Customers, prospects and companies evaluating Confidential Computing will see the latest innovations from leading companies and hear from users that work with confidential data across industries, including but not limited, to financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, adtech, web3 and more. 

“Organizations face unprecedented challenges from stringent data privacy regulations and ever-increasing data security risks and requirements,” said Raluca Ada Popa, Co-founder & President of Opaque Systems. “The  Confidential Computing Summit serves as a pivotal event conference where we bring together the community of innovators, researchers, business leaders, and users to learn, educate, and share the latest innovations and success stories across every aspect of confidential computing including”. Topics at the summit are secure data sharing, data processing, multi-party analytics and AI, privacy enhancing technologies, and confidential computing cloud platforms.”

“We believe Confidential Computing is the future of Cloud Computing, where the confidentiality and integrity of data is assured even when the Cloud infrastructure is compromised,” said Nick Vidal, Outreach Chair for the Confidential Computing Consortium. “The Confidential Computing Summit represents a unique opportunity to meet experts and explore cutting-edge technology that marks a paradigm shift in how we secure the Cloud.”

The Confidential Computing Summit is now accepting speaker applications for its inaugural event across a variety of topics from technology innovations to use cases. To submit your proposal, visit this link. For more information on the Confidential Computing Summit including attending, speaking or sponsoring please visit

About the Co-Hosts

Confidential Computing Consortium
The Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) brings together hardware vendors, cloud providers, and software developers to accelerate the adoption of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies and standards. CCC is a project community at the Linux Foundation dedicated to defining and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing. It embodies open governance and open collaboration that has aided the success of similarly ambitious efforts. The effort includes commitments from numerous member organizations and contributions from several open source projects.

Opaque Systems 
Commercializing the open source MC2 technology invented at UC Berkeley by its founders, Opaque System provides the first collaborative analytics and AI platform for Confidential Computing. Opaque uniquely enables data to be securely shared and analyzed by multiple parties while maintaining complete confidentiality and protecting data end-to-end. The Opaque Platform leverages a novel combination of two key technologies layered on top of state-of-the-art cloud security—secure hardware enclaves and cryptographic fortification. This combination ensures that the overall computation is secure, fast, and scalable. For more information on Opaque Systems, please visit

Join Confidential Computing users, organizations, partners and learn technical experts at the Confidential Computing Summit 2023. To register, visit this link

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