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Why Opaque for Secure Collaborative Analytics and Data Clean Rooms?


Securely Share & Collaborate

Multiple data teams within and across organizations can collaborate to securely share encrypted data, perform collaborative analytics and ML on data while encrypted and enforce data and computation policies. Each party is privy only to their specific data and insights.


Protect Data End-to-End

The Opaque Platform encrypts and protects data at rest, in transit, and during processing. It maintains data encryption during computation, enabling collaborative analytics and AI while keeping data secure.


Simplify Analytics & AI

Opaque enables organizations to encrypt confidential data on-premises, speed moving sensitive data to Confidential Computing clouds and run scalable analytics and ML directly on encrypted data. No data is exposed during the lifecycle of the computation.


Meet Regulatory Requirements

Compliance with privacy laws can result in a decline in data quality in an analysis as certain fields cannot be revealed (e.g. PII data). Opaque provides policy enforcement capabilities for datasets, computation and analytics, enabling secure multi-party analytics and AI.

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The Opaque Platform

Multi-Party Analytics and AI

Your organization’s sensitive data needs to be heavily protected and encrypted. But can your teams securely access, share, and analyze your confidential data? From confidential computing to data clean rooms the Opaque Platform enables secure access, sharing and analytics on confidential data.

Secure Data Sharing

With Opaque, teams or multiple organizations can securely share encrypted data without exposing the underlying data. Opaque’s policy enforcement enables each data owner to fully control how the data is used in an analysis.

Multi-Level Policy Enforcement

Opaque ensures data privacy with policy enforcement capabilities for inter- and intra-company analytics and AI, including how data is securely shared, analytics, and the resulting insights.

Data Encryption Through the Lifecycle

Opaque protects all sensitive data using advanced encryption throughout the lifecycle of the analytics or ML computation—from data upload to executing queries, running ML models, to protection of insights.

Scalable Orchestration

Opaque provides distributed confidential data processing across managed clusters of VMs featuring Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and automates cluster management with secure inter-cluster communication and orchestration.

Collaborate without compromise.

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