Confidential Computing’s premier event announces selected speakers from the overwhelming number of submissions highlighting use of confidential & sensitive data

Confidential Computing Summit 2023

With Close to 100 Submissions from Leading Companies, the 1-Day Confidential Computing Summit will Feature Innovations from Opaque Systems, Microsoft, VMware, Intel, Confidential Computing Consortium & More

SAN FRANCISCO, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Opaque Systems, the pioneers of secure multi-party analytics and AI for Confidential Computing, and the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC), today announced the selected speaker lineup for the inaugural Confidential Computing Summit, which will take place in San Francisco on June 29, 2023. After receiving almost 100 submissions, the summit will feature talks from the top experts pioneering innovation and breakthrough use cases involving confidential data. Sponsoring companies also include Microsoft, Intel, VMware, ARM, and others announced in April 2023.

Selected speakers include, but are not limited to:

  • Application of confidential computing to Anti-Money Laundering in Canada – Vishal Gossain, Practice Leader Risk Analytics and Strategy, EY
  • Enabling secure multi-party collaboration with Confidential Computing – Rene Kolga, Product Manager, Google
  • Securing Secrets on Edge with SGX Enclaves – Henry Wang, Software Engineer, Meta
  • Citadel: Side-Channel-Resistant Enclaves on an Open-Source, Speculative, Out-of-Order Processor – Srini Devadas, Webster Professor of EECS, MIT
  • Trusted Execution Environments and Private Messaging – Rolfe Schmidt, Senior Researcher, Signal Messenger
  • From a no to on-the-go!  A frontrunners story on how we introduced confidential computing in telecommunications – Jonas De Troy, Domain Manager Public Cloud & Edge, Proximus
  • Confidential Computing in Eyecare – Jackie Sweet Aldama, Lead Software Engineer, Dr. Tavel Optical Group

“With confidential computing emerging as a key solution for the future of data security and privacy, we’re extremely excited about the caliber of submissions and sponsors set to take place at the inaugural Confidential Computing Summit,” said Raluca Ada Popa, Co-founder & President of Opaque Systems. “With the summit just over a month away, get ready to hear from some of the brightest and most innovative minds in confidential computing across industries such as AdTech, healthcare, and financial services.”

Attendees will be able to hear first-hand about the influential work being done in the confidential computing space, such as working with secure enclaves and confidential VMs and solving obstacles around anti-money laundering, healthcare use cases and use cases involving data privacy in AdTech. In addition to learning from the nominated speakers, the Summit attendees will hear from sponsoring companies and key executives from major organizations—such as Microsoft Azure, Intel, VMware, Opaque Systems, Anjuna, and Fortanix—who are leading the industry with work in data privacy, confidential computing, and data clean rooms.

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About Opaque Systems
Commercializing the open source MC2 technology invented at UC Berkeley by its founders, Opaque Systems provides the first collaborative analytics and AI platform for Confidential Computing and Data Clean Rooms. Opaque uniquely enables data to be securely shared and analyzed by multiple parties while maintaining complete confidentiality and protecting data end-to-end. The Opaque Platform leverages a novel combination of two key technologies layered on top of state-of-the-art cloud security—secure hardware enclaves and cryptographic fortification. This combination ensures that the overall computation is secure, fast, and scalable. For more information on Opaque Systems, please visit