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Secure Data Analysis & Collaboration to Combat Fraud, Prevent Financial Crimes, and Elevate Risk Management


Managing risk, defending against cybercrime, and limiting bad debt exposure, all while complying with privacy regulations is challenging. Leading financial institutions require safe and effective analysis of confidential data. They are challenged to:

  • Process and analyze large, diverse data sets to detect suspicious activity and financial crimes.
  • Manage the tradeoff between securing sensitive and personal data with ability to fully analyze and share data.
  • Handle distributed banking data across different business groups, companies, and geographies – all with different regulations and compliance issues.
  • Provide end-to-end data protection against external and internal exploits while data is at rest, in transit, and during use.
The Opaque Solution

We are helping financial clients unlock the value of confidential and sensitive data by enabling secure analytics and machine learning on fully encrypted data at scale.

  • Eliminate fraud and money laundering
  • Ease big data analytics in banks
  • Stay in compliance with AML regulations
  • Prevent data breaches
  • Mitigate loan risk

The ability to put together our data sets and collaborate on typologies of attack—and the use of both advanced-encryption methods and analytics methods to mine the data—will enhance yields by orders of magnitude.

Chief Risk Officer SCOTIABANK

Opaque Confidential AI Platform Benefits

  • Quicker access to data, removing the need for human intervention to identify and preprocess PII data while streamlining governance
  • Higher accuracy and quality of insights / model development by enabling analysis of encrypted data fields
  • Scalable, secure cloud deployment with data fully encrypted at rest, in transit and in use
  • Collaborate without compromise.

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