Whitepaper – Securing Generative AI in the Enterprise

Whitepaper: Securing Generative AI in the Enterprise

In a race to adopt LLMs, companies need to overcome the last hurdle: Data privacy

Despite the explosive popularity of generative AI, this field is still in its infancy and can pose threats to data privacy without proper guidelines and safety measures in place. Understanding the complex and evolving landscape of generative AI is essential for businesses and enterprise organizations to successfully leverage this technology. This white paper explores the impact and challenges of generative AI and the privacy-preserving techniques available for securely adopting LLMs.

Raluca Ada Popa, PhD, MIT
Associate Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Rishabh Poddar, PhD, UC Berkeley
CTO, Opaque Systems

The Summit for Confidential Data and AI

After an amazing Summit in 2023, we have expanded to a two-day event in 2024. Connect with premier innovators, experts, solution providers, and users across organizations to explore and evaluate the latest advances in confidential data and AI, data privacy and building trustworthy AI.