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Confidential Computing and AI Are the Future Across Industries


Companies across industries are under increasing pressure to process sensitive data securely and efficiently. Compliance concerns amid expanding regulations put a focus on Confidential Computing initiatives to provide sensitive data protection while simultaneously supporting additional analytic priorities to drive business insights.

  • Data security: Data needs to be secure and protected against external and internal exploits while at rest, in transit, and during use.
  • Compliance: Organizations must comply with a variety of regulations that govern the protection of sensitive data. These regulations can vary by industry, the type of data being processed, and the jurisdiction in which the organization operates.
  • Data analysis: Effectively analyzing information while protecting, securing, and meeting compliance requirements for confidential data requires a trade-off with most approaches.
  • Performance and scale: Encrypting data can add overhead, which can impact performance. Popular encryption solutions including hashing, pose significant challenges as the size of the dataset increases making it much more difficult to manage and secure.
The Opaque Solution

The Opaque Confidential Analytics and AI Platform enables organization across industries to protect data at rest, in transit, and in use, preventing unauthorized access and supporting broad analytic processes.

Opaque also allows you to perform advanced analytics with AI directly on protected data while complying with compliance regulations. With Opaque, you benefit from valuable analytics that help address revenue opportunities presented by understanding customer behavior across boundaries, reduce costs by more efficiency execution of activities, and assessing and managing risk through the ability to access and manage data across channels.

The ability to put together our data sets and collaborate on typologies of attack—and the use of both advanced-encryption methods and analytics methods to mine the data—will enhance yields by orders of magnitude.

Chief Risk Officer SCOTIABANK

Confidential AI Across industries

  • Manufacturing
    Opaque helps manufacturers innovate with new products, services, and business models by allowing organizations to confidently to share and process sensitive data securely.

  • Supply Chain
    With Opaque organizations benefit from better visibility, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and speed by confidentially sharing information that allows participants to improve processes and outcomes without having to disclose their sensitive underlying data.

  • Retail
    Opaque enables retailers to share confidential data to better understand customer engagement and improve campaign performance, personalize the shopping experience, improve customer loyalty and improve operational efficiency.

  • Media and Entertainment
    Creating new content, improving content delivery, and personalizing customer experiences, are just some of the ways media and entertainment orgaizations benefit from Opaque.

  • Telecommunications
    Opaque provides telecommunication companies additional protection from cyber attacks and sensitive data exposure. Telecom companies also benefit by analyzing shared confidential data to personalize services, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while meeting strict compliance requirements.

Collaborate without compromise.

See Opaque in action and confidential analytics and AI use cases across AdTech, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and more.

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