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Data Clean Rooms


The Data Clean Room Solution for Advanced Data Privacy, Confidential Data Sharing and Collaborative Analytics

Opaque provides a Data Clean Room environment where two or more parties can process and store data without compromising any confidential information. Opaque protects against unauthorized access by providing multiple layers of security and privacy measures. With Opaque, data encryption is enabled throughout its lifecycle, even while your data is in use.


With Opaque, there is no ability for cloud providers or collaborators to access your underlying data. Opaque data privacy policies govern what data is shared and what analysis is permitted. With other data clean room providers, collaboration datasets can be encrypted at rest and in transit, but must be decrypted manually to be used, processed, or modeled.

  • Processes encrypted PII while keeping it private, leading to rich additional data points from previously siloed datasets, and enabling new and higher quality insights.
  • Installs quickly into your cloud infrastructure and provides granular monitoring and management.
  • Scales to handle large data sets with speed.
  • Run scalable analytics and AI using familiar tools like SparkSQL and popular ML frameworks.

The ability to put together our data sets and collaborate on typologies of attack—and the use of both advanced-encryption methods and analytics methods to mine the data—will enhance yields by orders of magnitude.

Chief Risk Officer SCOTIABANK
Collaborate without compromise.

See Opaque in action and confidential analytics and AI use cases across AdTech, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare and more.

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