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AI & Machine Learning


Privacy-Preserving AI on Confidential Data


Machine learning is disrupting business across the board. Companies of all sizes use predictive models to optimize business processes and offer new products and services. Generative AI has taken the world by storm, making some industry leaders claim that Large Language Models (LLMs) are comparable in their impact to the industrial revolution. In the rush to adopt this technology, security and privacy are left by the wayside. The lack of security guarantees will inevitably result in data breaches and leakage, as some companies have already experienced.

When using AI chatbots, for example, prompt and context data are sent to a 3rd party for processing. This implies an implicit reliance on the security practices and guarantees of service providers for whom privacy and security are not necessarily a high priority. Training new models or fine-tuning existing ones can pose a significant threat, potentially exposing the entire training set to theft and unauthorized use.

The Opaque Solution

Opaque’s Confidential AI and Analytics Platform makes confidential data useful by enabling secure machine learning, LLMs, and AI directly on encrypted data within enclaves.


Opaque’s mission is to ensure everybody can trust the privacy of their confidential data, be it customer PII or proprietary business process data. For AI workloads, we enable businesses to keep their data encrypted and secure throughout the lifecycle, from model training and fine-tuning to inference, thus guaranteeing that privacy is preserved. Data is kept confidential at rest, in transit and while in use, significantly reducing the likelihood of loss.

Benefits for LLMs
  • Keep the model private
  • Run inference on confidential data, including prompt and context
  • Enable privacy-preserving collaboration between the model owner, context provider, and prompt writer

The  Opaque Confidential Analytic and AI Platform is a game changer for the financial services industry. Opaque allows organizations to better protect their data while still being able to gain valuable insights.

Collaborate without compromise.

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