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Multi-Party Collaborative Analytics and AI

Confidential Collaboration Process

1. Setup Teams

Set up a consortium of participating teams or organizations and invite authorized users to the consortium

2. Create workspaces

Establish confidential collaborative workspaces across teams

3. Set policies

Set policies for data sharing, computation and collaborative analytics processing

4. Leverage APIs

Leverage Scala, SQL, and Python APIs provided by Spark

5. Run confidential analytics

Run Opaque’s confidential SQL-based analytics on the data; perform statistical analysis; or manipulate data

6. Execute queries, train models

Execute queries on encrypted data sets, join encrypted data sets, perform fuzzy join, train ML models and more, without ever exposing data across teams

7. Return encrypted results

Return encrypted results specific to each party leveraging REST API’s, CLI, cloud storage, cloud data platforms, databases

Collaborate without compromise.

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