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The Opaque Platform

Collaborative Analytics and AI

Multiple data teams within or across organizations can collaborate using Opaque’s Platform to securely share encrypted data, perform collaborative analytics and ML on the shared data, and ensure that each party is only privy to the data and insights that they are authorized to see. Opaque keeps data encrypted end-to-end throughout the process.

Data owners individually upload encrypted data to the cloud, and then, using Opaque’s UI, CLI, or API, jointly apply analytics models directly on the encrypted data. Each data owner retains full control over how their data is used and the result set.

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Secure Data Sharing

The Opaque Platform allows multiple data owners to securely pool their encrypted data together in the cloud, and jointly analyze the collective data while keeping it encrypted throughout the analysis lifecycle. Opaque’s multi-layered security and advanced encryption ensure that the data of individual owners is never exposed to either the cloud environment or to other data owners.

Data owners individually upload encrypted data to the cloud, apply data policies, select only the fields to be used in an analysis and then jointly apply analytics models directly on the encrypted data. Each data owner retains full control over how their data is used.

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Scalable Orchestration

Orchestration of TEE clusters and meeting performance requirements for scalable data processing can be challenging. The Opaque Platform provides distributed confidential data processing across managed clusters of TEE’s and automates orchestration and cluster management. Opaque also ensures secure inter-enclave communication. The platform additionally provides granular monitoring and simplifies management across enclave clusters.

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Policy Enforcement

The Opaque Platform provides policy enforcement capabilities for inter- and intra-company data sharing, computation, analytics and AI. Data policies apply conditions on what fields in a data set can be shared, computing policies enforce what queries can be executed on the data, and output policies determine which parties are allowed to view the results of specific queries and tasks. Opaque’s policy enforcement capabilities ensure there is no loss in data quality during computation and analysis, while adhering to compliance and regulation policies.

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Multi-Layered Security

The Opaque Platform utilizes enclaves for securing data in-use and increasing efficiency. It then fortifies them with cryptography to provide even stronger security guarantees. Opaque fortifies enclave execution by ensuring the integrity of distributed computation and making the attestation process effortless. An attacker must compromise both of these security layers, in addition to compromising the host cloud security safeguards, to get access to sensitive data in Opaque.

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