About Opaque

The mission of Opaque Systems is to unlock the $54 billion market of confidential computing by creating the first Confidential AI platform that enables secure, collaborative analytics and AI on confidential and sensitive data stored in Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs).

Opaque was born out of the Berkeley RISELab, founded by Professors Raluca Ada Popa, Rishabh Poddar, Wenting Zheng, and Ion Stoica (founder and chairman of Databricks) when the founders created, incubated and open-sourced the breakthrough invention, MC2, while at Berkeley. MC2 was soon adopted by banks and institutions to run analytics on encrypted data secured in TEEs. The success of MC2 drove the team to start Opaque Systems and pioneer the first-ever Confidential AI solutions for multi-party and inter-company collaborative analytics and AI platform for confidential computing.  With a team that has some of the deepest backgrounds in security and Raluca’s globally recognized expertise in security and applied cryptography, Opaque is focused on accelerating the growth of confidential computing.

Opaque’s Confidential AI Platform enables collaborative, scalable analytics on encrypted data while protecting data end-to-end and enabling organizations to comply with legal and regulatory mandates. Opaque leverages a novel combination of two key technologies layered on top of cloud security—secure hardware enclaves and cryptographic fortification. This combination ensures that the overall computation is secure, fast, and scalable.

The confidential computing market is forecast to grow 26X over the next five years, from about $2 billion in 2021 to $54 billion by 2026. A big part of that growth is expected to be generated by enabling Confidential AI, and specifically multi-party analytics and AI on encrypted data. 

Opaque makes it possible to execute critical business use cases that were otherwise difficult and resulted in risk and exposure of confidential data. These use cases include anti-money laundering, complex fraud analysis, multi-source confidential identity matching and analytics, patient care, drug research, and much more.

Opaque’s investors include Walden Catalyst, Storm Ventures, Thomvest Ventures, Intel Capital, Race Capital, The House Fund, and FactoryHQ as well as an esteemed group of innovators, advisors, and board members.

Meet the Opaque leadership team.

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