Jay Harel

The Analytics and AI Challenge in Confidential Computing

Enclave innovation protects data from attack and unauthorized access, but it also presents immense challenges and obstacles to performing analytics and machine learning within and across teams. The inability to securely share data or analyze data that is owned by multiple parties has resulted in organizations having to restrict data access, eliminate data sets or …

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Photo by Tim Russmann

Privacy: Does it Even Matter?

Protecting our private information from the prying eyes of other people, governments, and corporations is on many people’s minds. At the same time, our lack of control over our own data makes us wonder if privacy even matters in this day and age. In this article, I’ll argue that protecting our Personally Identifiable Information (PII) …

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Photo by Ann Nekr from Pexels

Why I’m Joining Opaque

After years of building and shipping products in various areas of the tech industry, I decided to join a company that set out to enable the widespread adoption of strong privacy measures and make a real impact in the world. With so much of our personal data now being stored and processed by any number …

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